• Do all your products fulfil our needs? 

110% all our products will fulfil your needs. As we only sell medicines on our online portal. There are many medicines available with us. They range from ADHD medicines to painkillers. And even anti-anxiety tablets are there as well. And whether you believe it or not, we do not sell any expired medicines. All the medicines that we have contain a longer shelf life. 

  • What is the refund policy?

See if you are not happy with the quality of the product you can refund it within 3 days. But if it crosses 3 days you would never get any refund. This is our policy. You have to follow this thing. If you are not happy with our product please return within 3 days. Some websites give a time span of 30 days. But this is against our policy. 

  • By any chance if I am willing to contact you is it possible? 

Yes, the address is mentioned on our website. And that too with a valid contact number. You would get the person with whom you want to contact. The concerned person will address your queries related to the orders, purchase and shipping charges. Not only this but he/she will also address any queries related to the refund. 

  • The medicines that are available here are meant for animals? 

A few of them are there that animals can consume. The leading example of this medicine is none but Tramadol. Tramadol is meant for humans as well as animals like dogs and cats. Purchase the medicine from this shop only. It would be the best thing for you. And another thing is all of them are approved by the FDA. 

  • After using the product can I get a money refund? 

For this you need to take in our helpline number. The concerned person in our help desk is going to give you information about it. But as far as we know, after using the product we are not going to take the return. If you are not happy with the product, give the return within 2-3 days. As this is our strict policy. 

  • Can any third party person see my details? 

No, there is no other third party person who can see your details. As our website is under data protection. We do not take any confidential details with you. And believe it that all your details are fully secured with us. You would never have any such problems purchasing with us. This is also our policy that we maintain. 

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